Thursday, July 22, 2010

ESG: Our reporter checks in after a busy day

Well, it's been a long and busy day here at the Empire State Games.

I'm currently tucked away in the media center at University of Buffalo, waiting for results to trickle in. I think I have pretty much everything I am going to get for the print product at this point. I will continue to monitor results and post things pertinent to the Hudson Valley on this blog.

• The Hudson Valley scholastic women's basketball team defeated Western, 100-36, today at the Taps Gallagher Center on the campus of Niagara University. WOW!

That is quite the score. Poughkeepsie native Teneka Whittaker scored 11 points and Liz Milner of Cold Spring added six.

Milner mentioned to Journal intern Adam Patterson earlier this summer that since many of the women play AAU ball together, that might be to their advantage. It certainly sounds like it was today.

• I was at two events today and scurried past several others. I watched as the open softball team from Hudson Valley was swept in two games by Adirondack and New York City.

Against NYC, both teams played some pretty sloppy softball. There was only one 1-2-3 inning in the entire game. Baserunning mistakes, errors, you name it. At one point in the third innings, Hudson Valley scored three runs because they hit balls to the outfield that would have been singles if they were actually fielded cleanly by the NYC outfield. They weren't.

Not exactly the way you'd like to start off a tournament, but at least it can only go up from there.

• I was also at crew over at the West Side Rowing Club in Buffalo, where the Hudson Valley won three medals. Those were in the men's eight, women's eight and men's double.

Almost the entire Hudson Valley women's team, as well as most of the men's team are from Dutchess County, which as everyone knows, is rich in tradition thanks to the Hudson River and several outstanding rowers in local high schools and colleges.

Don't see something on this blog or in the Poughkeepsie Journal? Well, I am only one person, but I want to make sure that the athletes of the Hudson Valley, and specifically, the Journal's coverage area, get their just due. E-mail me at with date, location and any other specifics on the event and I will do my best to make sure it gets out there.

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