Monday, July 23, 2007

ESG coverage coming

Sean McMann will be at the Opening Ceremonies on Wednesday, then out in the field on Thursday. Phil Strum will be down there on Friday; Mike Benischek will be there on Saturday, and Nancy Haggerty will be there on all four days.

We'll have photos, news and notes, anecdotes, scoring updates ... all right here on the ESG blog. The ESG official web site doesn't exactly have "live" results - that is to say, it takes a while to get them up on the site, so our people in the field will be filing to here each day to let you know what's going on in a more urgent manner.

If you're taking photos down there, send them to us. We'll create a gallery and post them on the web site.

Here's hoping for nice weather for every day of the event.

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